I guarantee that if you see this, you’ll quit smoking instantly! Are you ready to be shocked?

Smokers are well aware of the dangers connected to this destructive habit. From time to time, there are some new social campaigns and posters which inform about the serious diseases caused by smoking tobacco. Warnings appear on each pack of cigarettes, but it seems that more could be done, because the number of smokers increases annually, and thus the number of recorded cases of cancer increases.

The main character in the video – Terrie Hall – started smoking in high school. Initially, she did it on occasion, to impress her friends, but then the habit came into her life for good. She began to feel a dryness in her throat. She went to a specialist who diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. Having survived a total of 10 tumors, the eleventh one killed her. She died in 2013. She was then 53 years old.


This video was made two days before Terrie’s death. It shows how she prepares for a new day.

My name is Terrie and I was a smoker. I would like to give you some tips on how to prepare yourself in the morning. First teeth. Then wig. Then the plug to close off the tracheotomy tube. And you’re ready for a new day.