If it weren’t for the perseverance of a desperate dog, no one would help this puppy. It was rescued only after 48 hours!

Puppies naturally get themselves into trouble because they are curious, and they want to stick their snout into everything. Unfortunately, an intensive exploration of the world can lead to dangerous situations in which a little puppy can’t get itself out of.

A puppy from Thailand was very careless while exploring the world. His curiosity led him straight to the bottom of a drainage canal, which it accidentally fell into. Unfortunately, it was too small to get itself out of trouble, and its mother couldn’t crawl into the drain and pull it out. The desperate dog couldn’t do anything else other than bark and howl with despair and grief.

Maternal instinct is very strong and controls the way animals behave.


The dog had a lot of perseverance, since it didn’t get out of the inlet of the canal for 48 hours until people were alarmed by its behavior and decided to see what happened. They called the relevant services quickly, and they quickly established that the dog is constantly howling because it can’t get its puppy out of the trap. Fortunately it wasn’t such a difficult task for people, and they quickly managed to pull the puppy out.

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The services put in every effort to save the puppy.



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