If you assume such a posture when using your smartphone, you can have problems!

Wrong posture jest a problem of the 21st century. Is not a joke, spinal problems may even lead to disability. We do not realize it every day, but everything we do affects our health. People maintaining the same position for a longer time risk spine damage.

Even if they are only sitting! Smartphones are a hazard to the spine.


When you bend your head 30 degrees, a load equivalent to 18 kg presses against your cervical vertebrae! If you hold your head in such a way that your chin almost touches your chest, the pressure increases to 27 kg.


That is why it is important to lift the phone and try to hold it in front of your face so as not to bend the head all the time.

On the next page, you will find 5 steps how to take care of your cervical vertebrae.