If you find a coin under the handle of your car door, you’re definitely unlucky!

Finding coins, especially heads side up, is perceived as a sign of good luck. But thieves who specialize in robbing cars and car theft use the small coins for an entirely different purpose. It turned out that such a small coin is enough to jam a door, which can’t be completely shut, and in turn can get you inside the car and allow you to take what you want.

The victims of such quick and brazen attacks are drivers at gas stations. They often fall victim to thieves when they’re distracted and in a hurry.

The trick is very simple, mainly because the driver (who drives by himself) rarely pays attention to the passenger-side door. Moreover, it pertains to those who close their car doors without double-checking them. A small coin jams the door and the thief is in. In the best case scenario, you’ll lose your phone or another object located in the center console. It gets worse when the thief takes over your car.


Fortunately, this method doesn’t work with every car, but it is worth looking around your car to see if anybody suspicious is lurking around. The devil doesn’t sleep, and thieves despite alarms and cameras on every corner are cunning and will stop at nothing to get the loot.