If you see a ring behind the wiper of your car, do not even try to touch it! Someone who has bad intentions may just be waiting for it!

Sony Nguyen of Wisconsin recently shopped in the supermarket. When she returned, she noticed a suspect car parked next to her car. She was a bit surprised because the parking lot was empty, and the vehicle with tinted windows was very close to her SUV.

The mother of four children looked around but did not see a soul. Scared, she got into the car and immediately started heading for home. After some time, she saw that behind the wiper, there is a small object. She was not going to stop. She decided that she would check it in our own backyard, where she will be completely safe.


On-site, her daughter Savannah was waiting. They approached the car and saw a “gift” stuck behind in the windshield wiper. In the plastic bag, there was a ring with a red eye and a message:


Her daughter realized that her mother barely escaped alive. She had heard of similar tricks used by kidnappers.

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