If you see something like this in a public restroom, immediately notify the security staff!

The pace at which technology is developing is currently at light speed. New gadgets are designed to make our lives easier, but there will always be someone who will use them with malicious intent. We could list many products, which were invented with good intentions in mind, but have become the cause of many problems. The simplest example is dynamite, invented to help miners, but is also used to kill people.

The example which we have prepared for you isn’t as dramatic, but it also raises considerable doubts. The small size of the equipment allows it to fit almost anywhere. It’s unbelievable – below you can see what appears to be a normal coat hook, which can be found in hotels, changing rooms or at the swimming pool. However, these hooks are specific, as they’re fitted with cameras!


The hook looks very inconspicuous at first glance. It can be attached anywhere in the house, on every wall. These cameras are motion activated, but they can also be enabled manually. Their cost is around $ 20!




This tiny camera can record up to 2 hours of footage! A small hole in the hook is the camera lens which captures everything in its field of vision, and stores the recorded video on a memory card. As it turns out, employers use it to illegally spy on their employees! Police officers and security staff have removed dozens of them from public toilets countless times!

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