If your child will want to walk in these shoes, immediately speak some sense into them! Don’t make the same mistake as these parents!

Although they’re not among the most beautiful shoes in the world, they’re very popular in many countries. Mothers buy them for their children and oftentimes, also walk in them themselves. Flip flops and crocs type sandals seem to be very comfortable and practical. Their low price and the fact that they can be easily cleaned are their best selling points.

They are manufactured in China, using questionable materials. It has been found that the resins and elastomers, from which they’re made, may be highly toxic! To give them a nice vibrant color, pigment with a high concentration of lead is used.


But that’s not all! This type of footwear can adversely affect the feet. The heel is not stabilized in them and it’s easy to suffer an injury when wearing them. Additionally, the toes have to unnaturally support the front of the flip flops, which carries other serious consequences.


Train stations and shopping malls around the world are beginning to notice increased complaints by parents about their children’s feet getting stuck in the escalators. The reason was, of course, plastic footwear that was snagged by the moving escalator mechanism.

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