If your pet presses its head against a solid surface, don’t take funny pictures of it, take it to a vet! It’s more serious, than you think!

We love our pets and want all what’s best for them so we shouldn’t underestimate some signs that they send to us. Sometimes something that looks funny is actually a serious illness that requires a fast response.

If you ever notice your dog or cat pressing its head against a solid surface without any reason, then take it to a vet immediately.


Such behavior may be a sign of having nervous system disease or neurological illness. It may indicate the possibility of occurrence of the following illnesses:

    • head trauma
    • encephalitis
    • effusion
    • poisoning
    • cancer
    • infections (mycotic infection, parasites, viruses).

You should not mistake head pressing with normal behavior, eg. Rubbing the head against the knees to express feelings.