“I’m a lazy and selfish mother” – said one internet user. After her speech, uproar ensued!

The internet is a place where many people express their opinions, which other users don’t necessarily approve of. However, freedom of speech allows us to do this, and the internet is a place that gives us the ability to exercise that freedom. Anyone can create a blog, write a comment and let others know what he thinks about the world.

Anna Bykov, signing a letter with her own name, not hiding behind any alias, wrote that she’s a lazy mother and even a selfish one. Why? Is she doing the right thing? You can judge for yourself after reading her letter.


A toddler playing with his toys while his mom naps on his bed

I am lazy mother. Besides, I’m a careless egoist. Do you want to know why?

Working at a preschool, I’ve seen the many different attitudes of children and parents. Oftentimes, parents are overprotective. Children are dressed, fed, they can’t do anything by themselves, because they could hurt themselves or fall, and parents decide about everything. I remember little Slavik the most vividly. The boy ate whatever was put into his mouth, but he never reached for any food himself. Once, I fed him some porridge, which he ate spoon after spoon, completely emotionless. Nobody ever gave him the possibility of eating something else, if he didn’t like what was on his plate. The child had an eating disorder because no one had ever let him eat by himself. But when he was given a choice, he ate by himself and with great willingness.

I’m too lazy of a mother to feed my own children. When my elder son was a year old, he was given a spoon and had to eat by himself. The same was true with a fork. Of course, before he began to eat as one should, there was a lot of cleaning: we had to wash the table, floor and the little boy as well. However, it paid off! He can eat all by himself with no concern from our side that he’ll choke.



On weekends, I like to sleep in. One Saturday, I woke up at 11 A.M. My youngest, two and a half year old son was watching cartoons and munching on carrots and cereal, which he took from the kitchen cupboard. The older son had gone out in the morning with his friends and their parents. I decided that if he wants to go out alone, he has to prepare for his trip by himself as well. Of course, lying in bed, I listened to what was going on, but I gave the children freedom of choice. I had my morning alarm set to vibrate and I was texting with one of the other boy’s mothers.

I’m too lazy to check if my son has all his books in his backpack. Too lazy to check whether he put his gym clothes in the wash. These are his responsibilities. In addition, I’m so arrogant that I sometimes ask my son to make me a sandwich.

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