In 1983, thanks to the birth of of sextuplets, the Walton family becaome notorious all around the world. See how its life looks like today

The appearance of a baby is always a joy for its parents, but also a harbinger of change. Even one little child turns the whole world upside down, let alone six kids! Janet Walton was lucky enough to give birth to such a brood 33 years ago.

On November 18th, 1983, the eyes of hundreds of journalists and millions of TV viewers turned to the hospital in Liverpool where Janet and Graham Walton welcomed their daughters in the world. The birth of sextuplets is a rare situation, so everyone was interestted, especially that the newborns, despite a high risk of mortality in multiple pregnancies, were born healthy. Their parents were very, very happy, but aware that raising this number of children will be a challenge.


The Walton family aroused media interest for years, but lived simply. Today, the sextuplets are no longer cute tots, but adult women who have their lives and are starting their own families. Lucie works in an airline, Kate is an employee of the administration, Hannah a teacher, Ruth is making a career for herself in public relations, Jenni has her own candy shop and Sarah is currently in the role of a young mother!

This private photo taken after the birth was viewed by the whole world.

If you ever wondered about how does life look like for a this bunch and how to care for it, we invite you to see the photos on the following pages, documenting the growth of the famous English sextuplets.

Waltons have had everything adapted to the needs of a large family: the flat, its outfitting, the car …