In 2012 he found a box with grandpa’s old pictures. It turns out that they would take him on a great adventure!

Christiano Carolla is a photographer and traveler. He has a peculiar way of traveling since he goes to places where his grandfather has been years earlier. Together with his grandpa’s photo, he puts himself in spots where where it was taken and makes his own portfolio.

This is a way of making awesome pictures. He calls his project the “Past Present Project”. It all started when he found a box of old photos his grandfather had in 2012. After taking a look at the photographs, he came up with the idea to visit all the places that his pop has been to. Not only does he get to travel the world, but the project also makes his grandfather’s remembrance last forever. See the original photos and their recreations below.

Carrol remakes one of grandpa’s old selfies.


Carrol remakes one of grandpa’s old selfies.


A Bakery in Louisiana.  


St. Louis Cathedral – New Orleans.