In Denmark they opened a supermarket with outdated food. Would lower prices encourage you to buy these products?

Wasting food is a fairly big problem in developed countries. Every year thousands of tons of food are wasted. Some of the products aren’t even opened, they have gone past their expiration date, and therefore ended up in the trash.

Despite numerous social campaigns, people still tend to buy too much food. This phenomenon shows a huge gap between rich countries and countries of the Third World, where people struggle daily with hunger.


The Danish NGO Folkekirkens Nødhjælp (DanChurchAid) decided to do something about it, and has opened the supermarket “WeFood” that sells products with a short shelf life, or in some other way damaged (dented, in defective packaging, etc.). There you can buy, among others, dairy products, meat, dried and frozen foods, vegetables and fruits. Princess Marie and the minister of food and the environment were at the grand opening.