In the hallway of a historic movie theater, a woman is taking a picture with her children, but isomething else appears in the photograph…

Taking pictures is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Thanks to the possibilities offered by modern phones, photos can be snapped anywhere and anytime, immortalizing a variety of pleasant moments. This is exactly what a certain English mother did.

Emma Johnson is 35 years old, lives in Liverpool and is a happy mother of three children. I recently took them out to the movies to see „Finding Dory”. For them, it was an unusual trip to the cinema, because her youngest son named Harper participated for the very first time. Emma wanted a souvenir of that day, so she waited until after the screening, when everyone came out to make a picture of her children in the cinema hall. Unfortunately, the photograph did come out as she had expected.


A few rows behind the woman, a strange figure appeared: a translucent person resembling a child in a hooded sweatshirt, holding in his left hand a small teddy bear. The figure gleamed over the seat and Emma believes it was not a human being as the cinema hall was completely empty.

A mysterious figure sat a few rows behind Emma and her children.

The woman placed the image in social media, asking them to unravel the mystery. Some surfers accused her of computer processing, but Emma firmly refutes these allegations, claiming that she would have no purpose in tricking people and that she even could not handle a computer program by means of which these images could be modified.

The photo clearly shows that the figure is translucent.

Among the comments published under the photo appeared those saying that it might be a ghost of a girl who once drowned at the nearby waterfront. This hypothesis can not be checked, but the so far skeptical about the paranormal Emma is convinced that her picture is not mirroring a living man. The management of the cinema refused to comment on the subject.

And you, do you think it’s a ghost or not a ghost?