Incredible children which show that our society still has a chance!

So much is going on around. Wars, terrorist attacks and politics shout out at as from tv screens. We all focus on them, just to be up to date. But when the world’s attention is all on the big stuff, the small stuff simply gets away unattended. It’s a pity for the small deeds to get lost like that.

The future of all nations lays in the hands of their children and the example they get is very important. What is more, kids just don’t stop surprising us and often show that we should be the ones learning from them and instead of worrying about big politics just focus on what we have here and now.

1. 8 year old Noah Completes ran through a mini triathlon with his disabled brother.


2. A boy risked his life to save a roe deer from drowning.


3. A boy saved his pocket money to prepare food for the homeless.