Indian restaurateur came across a great idea on how to help the hungry and homeless. Look at what he came up with

The problem of hunger has accompanied humanity since the dawn of time, because people haven’t always been able to get the right amount of food for themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, despite the enormous development of civilization, this problem still hasn’t been solved.

Hunger today is often dictated by the lack of money for groceries, but food products are in abundance, since every day produce stores and restaurants around the world throw out or recycle tons of food that hasn’t been bought. Minu Pauline from India noticed the problem and decided to try to fix it somehow, especially because he saw the poor rummaging through the garbage many times at night in search of food.


It’s difficult to change the whole world by yourself, but you can have a positive impact on your closest environment. This was the assumption of Minu, who owns a restaurant in Kochi called Pappadavada. The man noticed that his premises wasted a lot of products, which are still good, but can no longer be served to customers. Because of his observation, he decided to share the food with those in need.

A fridge standing in front of the premises was puzzling for many at the beginning.

Minu placed a refrigerator in front of his restaurant. Its interior is filled with unsold food from the restaurant, and the hungry and homeless can come and help themselves to the food. The refrigerator is open around the clock, seven days a week. In addition, the restaurant’s customers make donations to keep this unique form of assistance going.

So that everyone would know why the refrigerator was put there, a ceremonial opening was declared.

The refrigerator at Pappadavada is used by dozens of people regularly, for whom it is often the only chance to get something to eat. During the day, up to 80% of its contents disappear, which shows that hunger is a widespread problem in India. This story is a reminder that we must not waste food, because due to its lack, people are suffering and dying.

Thanks to this initiative, many people no longer have to rummage through the garbage.