Instead of helping children learn how to drink properly, these cups are POISONING THEM! See how irresponsible the manufacturers are!

The market is full of gadgets and products which are supposed to make it easier for small children to learn new things. These helpful gadgets undoubtedly include the popular sippy cup.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, manufactures who are focused on profit, don’t think through their product’s plan well enough and this is where the entire disaster begins. Tommee Tippee cups, which can be found in every home in which there is a child, turned out to be a hotbed of mold and bacteria.

It all started when Marie-Pier L’Hostie and Penny Powell posted a photo on the internet. As it turned out, Marie-Pier’s son was continuously ill, the condition of his health deteriorating despite treatment. Her friend was taking a look at the cup from which the little boy loved to drink. As it turned out, the valve in the cup was a hotbed of mold!

The cup is designed in a way that makes it impossible to see the mold until the spout is cut open! Mold and bacteria had an excellent habitat to grow there.

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The woman posted the pictures on forums for mothers and it turned out that she isn’t the only victim of the poorly planned product.


Despite hand washing, or cleaning the cup in the dishwasher, the construction of the mouthpiece didn’t allow it to be thoroughly cleaned, which in turn gave bacteria an excellent environment to grow in. Parents all over the world started to check their children’s cups. What came out causes us to look twice at each product for children before buying it.

No washing method will remove this sediment, so if you have such a product for a child at home, you should better get rid of it!

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