In this photo is a dangerous predator and it’s not small! Before you notice him, you will be his meal

Predators also use camouflage to get close to their victim and surprise them with their paws.

Nature does not play half-measures, a predator must be fast, intelligent and ruthless to survive. Either he hunts and succeeds in celebrating with a full belly, and with this strength uses it for survival and often to bring up offspring, or look after themselves. Predators have no choice but to switch to vegetarianism or to feed on the energy of the sun.

Based on evolution and the environment, as well as what they hunt for, predators developed different ways to hunt their prey. Some are very fast, others have poison, and others are perfectly camouflaged. They cannot move for hours, melting into the surroundings and moving slowly and unnoticed to attack at the right moment. One such hunter is the snow panther, also known as the snowy iris, which lives in Central Asia.

They are large cats that are genetically close to tigers. They live in the Himalayas, but also in the steppes, in the forests and mountains. The cat is about 130 cm high, about 100 cm long, and can weigh up to 75 kilos. Long and dense fur not only perfectly insulates heat, but also thanks to its mottling and color, is an ideal camouflage. They feed on mountain chamois, wild boars, tarps and bharals, but do not despise marmots or other small vertebrates.

Excellent camouflage means that they can approach the victim imperceptibly and deal their deadly blows. If you want to see this wonderful coat, you can see for yourself in the picture. Have you found the cat? How long did it take you? See below where the predator was hiding.