Is a mysterious light in the window of an abandoned hospital a paranormal phenomenon, or just a stupid joke?

Places abandoned by people usually fill us with horror and make the people visiting those places feel uncomfortable there. Abandoned buildings, factories and deserted towns also stimulate the imagination, which suggests that the places became haunted.

In an abandoned hospital in New Orleans, a light in the shape of a person was seen. A photo of this phenomenon was uploaded to the internet, causing a heated debate about where the glow comes from. Thousands of people began to wonder if the unused building was overcome by impure forces or if it’s the work of man.


In 2005, devastating hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans. The natural disaster destroyed miles of roads, thousands of homes and other buildings and took the lives of many people. Among the buildings which were hit hard was Mercy Hospital on Tulane Avenue. Unfortunately, it had to close and to this day it hasn’t been re-opened. The property is guarded so that no one enters the premises. All the residents of the city know about it, which is why they were so surprised when they saw a bright light in one of the windows.

Suddenly, in a dark building, a single window lit up.