The 8-year-old lived in a suitcase for half a year. Nobody predicted he would have a good future. 25 years later he surprised everyone!

Poor children have far worse lives than their richer friends.

They do not have the opportunity to study in private schools or participate in extra activities that develop their passions. They cannot even afford tutoring. When they have problems with something, they have to deal with it themselves, because poor parents have no money for extra lessons. Some poor kids can only dream about school. Instead of learning, they have to work hard.

Ismael Batista did not have a happy childhood, and at a very young age he had to face many adversities. He lived in Samambaii, an administrative unit near the capital of Brazil. When Ismael was eight, his father died at the hands of drug dealers. His mother was not interested in her son, and the boy decided to run away from home. He lived at the Brasília airport.

For almost half a year he slept in a luggage locker. It is hard to imagine. He remained in the world alone, without care, money and roof over his head. Fortunately, a young airport worker, Andréa Carvalho, was interested in helping him. He began to buy food for the boy and take him to his own home to wash up. Over time, they became very friendly and Andréa had no heart to leave him unattended. His mother agreed to accept Ismael on one condition.


The 8-year-old’s biological mother had to agree. The boy went to his family house to get a permit to live with a new family.

I knew what she was, and I was afraid she would do something to me. In the end I was not home for seven or eight months. When she saw me, there were tears on her cheeks. She began to cry and whisper in my ear: Son, you are alive..

When Ismael informed her of his intention to reside in Carvalho’s home, she initially refused. Only after a few days did she change her mind, realizing that the new caregiver would provide her son with a much better future.

To this day we have good relations. She appreciates my adoptive mother and is very grateful to her.

Ismael had to start going to school and catch up on all the backlogs. It was not easy because the kid could not even read.


I went to school where I was the only black child. I was the oldest in the class and I had to make up for a year and a half. Everyone was prejudiced against me, both teachers and peers. They simply said they would not play with me because I’m black,” recalls the sad young man.

The kid clenched his teeth and endured all the hardships of the others. Over time, he made up for shortcomings in education. He knew he had to fight for a better future, or else he would end up badly. When he grew up, he decided to become a cop. He passed all state exams and over time advanced. Today he is 33 years old and is the head of the local police.

This boy’s example shows that you should not be offended by the difficult moments in your life. Despite his sad childhood, he managed to get off to a good start and achieve very much.