It took only a second to destroy the lives of a whole family. It did not have to end like this…

The following story is a very difficult and painful one. It was told by a paramedic who arrived at the scene of a terrible car accident. Although it is dramatic, everyone should get to know it, because it carries a very important message.

I have been working as a paramedic for a long time, but never before have I seen anything like this. This day was a dreadful experience for me. Normally, I would probably not talk about it publicly. However, I decided to do so because I want you all to realize something.


When I arrived at the scene of the accident I saw that one car flipped over and another was shattered by a stone wall. It turned out that a drunk driver caused the accident.


The mother was covered in blood. She sat by the road and held her child in her arms. Its head was severed from the body. A man was running towards me screaming loudly. He was holding his daughter in his arms. Unfortunately, the girl was dead, and I could not do anything.

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