It turns out that a glass of wine in the evening can have a good effect on the body

We’ve always known that drugs don’t make a good impact on our bodies. However, after many studies, it appears that in the case of wine, it may not be so. Wine, since this is the drink in question, may have a positive impact on our bodies. It affects the body, but also mental health.

Of course, we’re talking about a glass of good wine, moderation is very important in this case. Don’t overdo it and replace one lamp with a bottle.

1. Wine affects bones.

A glass of wine supports the skeletal system. How is this possible? Well, drinking wine increases the production of estrogen, and thus slows the aging process.


2. Improves immunity

Wine protects the body from poisoning and developing bacteria that can lead to gastritis. It also protects against salmonella.


3. It improves memory.

Wine is good for blood flow, lowering the risk of blood clots. During studies oriented at confirming this hypothesis, two groups of women were given a crossword puzzle. A group of women aged 70, who drank wine, coped much better with the task, than a group of women of the same age who didn’t drink alcohol.


4. Reduces bad cholesterol.

Excess cholesterol affects the operation of the entire body, so you should make sure that it’s in shape.