It Was A Simple Walk Along The Beach… He Did Not Expect To Witness A Breakthrough In The Knowledge About The Lynx!

Our domestic cats love fish, they love canned tuna or raw fillets. However, not only domestic cats like such dishes. The wild ones as well. The only difference is that the wild cat has to hunt his dinner.

As shown in the example below, the lynx which avoid people, can cope with the hunt dinner… even if it is the shark…





This is a very unusual event that was photographed in Florida. A walking on the beach tourist spotted the lynx, that was standing in the water. Suddenly he dived and came up with a nearly meter shark in the mouth.

When the lynx spotted the observer, he released the shark and fled into the woods. We know that a lynx hunts a variety of animals, but this is the first documented case when the lynx was hunting in salt water.

Everyone is curious who won the fight… The lynx or the shark. And what do you think?