It Was Only 52 Days To Her Wedding! To Accept The Loss Of Her Fiancé, She Invented Something Extraordinary …

This woman is a perfect example of emotional resilience and hope. Her fiancé died just before the wedding in a tragic accident. Janine decided to take part in a touching photo session…

Sesję She appeared in her wedding creation! As she felt an unusual relationship with water, she decided to perform the photo session in the Riviera Maya in Mexico. The session was organized by Matt Adcock who, as he says, has never been more inspired by anyone.



Until a tragic accident, the white dress was for Janine a symbol of happiness. Now it painfully reminds of what she had lost.


According to Janine, water is the purifying element, not only for the body but also soul…


“I felt that Johnny smiled to me” – she wrote on her blog.