It was supposed to be an ordinary walk with the dog through the woods. Suddenly, the animal sensed something that cannot be reasonably explained!

A Russian was recording his dog, Tarzan, in the woods. He was throwing him a stick and watching as the animal brought it back. At one point, the dog stopped responding to commands. He stood in place for a moment and then moved into the bushes nearby. The owner ran after the rebellious quadruped, while recording the whole thing.

Suddenly, a very strange sight appeared before his eyes. In the video you can see two human figures, one of which is in the air. It looks like it was levitating. A larger figure, that was overlooking the whole event, was next to it. When the dog started barking, the person in the orange jacket grabbed the hand of the hovering child and fled into the forest.

I watched this video a few times and frankly, I do not know what to think about it. Do you? What do you think about it? It is after all in Russia – everything’s possible there!



The phenomenon of levitation has never been scientifically proven. Already since ancient times it fascinated many people. Seemingly, such abilities had, among others, the Arab Carmelite – Mariam Baouardy, the founder of Mariavitism – St. Maria Francis Kozłowska, the yogi – Subbayah Pullavar, the Muslim fakir – Shirdi Sai Baba, Wladislaus of Gielniów and Father Pio. Maybe this Russian child also belongs to this group?

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