Items not as described. You order one thing and get something different! You will not believe how you can be swindled!

Internet sales are very popular and there is nothing to be surprised over. You can quickly purchase some things from home and not spend hours in the fitting room.

In pictures all clothes present themselves very well. They are beautiful, well-tailored and lie like a glove on slender models. Without hesitation you click “BUY NOW” and after a few days, get an item of clothing. Excited, you open the package and your enthusiasm suddenly drops, because you can see that the thing is nothing like the wonderful petticoat in photographs. See examples of situations where the merchandise was entirely inconsistent with its description. A smile is guaranteed!

1. Sexy body or pants for warmer days?


2. It was supposed to be cotton and looks like it’s synthetic


3. They regretted material…


4. Someone tried lace which is very fashionable this season. This choice was not the best!