It’s incredibly how cruel animals can be treated! Learn the story of Khalessi, who miraculously escaped death

The way animals are treated by people testifies to their level of their humanity. Unfortunately, some people are not worth being called so, since they’re capable of deliberately harming animals. Such is the cruel fate of a pet, who miraculously escaped death.

The problem of stray dogs is present throughout the world. Homeless animals live everywhere and wander the streets or rural roads. Most people grieve their fate, but there are some who treat stray dogs like things. Beating a stray dog won’t be reported by anyone, so they often become the target of bandits who practice on them their cruelty or unload their frustration and aggression. Unfortunately, such degenerates met a dog wandering the streets of Rudozem, a town in southern Bulgaria.

The discovered dog was bothered by people without a heart.


The staff of “Rudozem Street Dog Rescue’, a service that deals with rescuing animals, got a report of a wandering dog. The animal reportedly was supposed to be in a dramatic condition. So, the volunteers began a search, but didn’t expect that the dog, that they’ll find will be on the border of life and death. The found dog was devoid of hair and frighteningly skinny. For months nobody took care of it, so which is why when it broke its leg it badly healed and now interferes with walking, causing pain with every step. They immediately transported her to a veterinary clinic and began to fight for her life.

The dog condition found the service was dramatic.