Recognize him? It’s the boy from Kinder Chocolate, he has already grown up! See what he looks like now!

His face is known by all the children in Europe and beyond. Josh Bateson’s image appeared for the first time 11 years ago on the packaging of Kinder Chocolate bars. The boy is not the son of a famous actor or a celebrity, in spite of this, he is still recognizable and millions are familiar with him.

The years had taken their toll and the sweet boy began to transform into an adult man. Today he is already 21 years old and you have to admit that he has not lost his attractiveness. Josh comes from the UK. There he studied international relations and is now making an outstanding career on Instagram. Bateson’s account is followed by more than 90,000 fans! Apparently he is still single and has a profile on the famous dating site, tinder.

Admittedly, it’s one of the strangest careers in the world. Take a look at what Josh looks like now!




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