It’s the most twisted performance you have ever seen in a TV show! Do not try to do that at home

For years now, TV viewers have preferred to watch the shocking unbelievable. The crazier, more dangerous and weirder something is, the more people are drawn to their screens. This “Got Talent” episode conquered the world.

Sometimes when watching talent shows, we may feel that we have seen it all and cannot be surprised. Fortunately, this is a wrong impression as there is no shortage of remarkable people. In addition, a large group of participants in such programs are people who interpret standard sports in an unusual way, like these English siblings on rollers.


Billy (28 years old) and Emily (25 years old) shares not only blood links, but also a passion for the four small wheels. They both have been riding roller skates for years. It is worth noting that theirs is no ordinary ride, but one acted out in the space of two square meters. How’s that possible?

The skating siblings are very creative and have full confidence in each other.

Billy turns her sister until the audience’s blood freezes in their veins. Their figures are both impressive and dangerous so do not try to mimic them.
Their last figure will make your jaw drop!. The jury awarded the participants a standing ovation.

You can get attack a heart attack while watching, yet their performance is truly hypnotic!

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