Jack kept a journal during 70 years of his marriage, and now that his wife suffers from dementia, he reads her everyday about their life story. Does it remind you of something?

True love is respect, dedication and support, especially when things are not going well. It’s supposed to be a recipe for a relationship for years.

The best stories are written by life, because only life can intertwine joys and sorrows, and can try to change us, so that we have a chance to know each of our feelings. Life lets us experience happiness and health, but also diseases and anxieties that make us appreciate what is good. Nobody in the world is living in complete happiness, even the richest man, who is not materially lacking, but can at times envy homelessness.


Although many people do not want to admit it, life is most important in love. Full and true, one that gives support and power to action. For such love, everyone is desperate to have a person who fully accepts them, who makes them want to live. It is not easy, as can be seen in divorce statistics. People want to be loved, but they cannot love, they do not want to compromise.


That is why, with admiration, I looked at long-term marriages, in which they love each other very much and cannot imagine life without each other. It’s great when you see that patience, support and tenderness which are a lucky recipe for life. It shows that even with a long marriage, you can respect and love, and that it depends on us how long it will last.

It perfectly confirms the marriage of Jack and Phyllis Potter, a couple who has loved each other through marriage, and now that old age has taken away their memories, does not give up. And it all started with one dance.