The pilot left the cockpit before the flight to announce to passengers something that brought tears to many of their eyes.

Often in the most ordinary place you can witness quite unusual events.

More than once, every one of us has witnessed events that were important to us, especially when it happened in some interesting, beautiful place. It was seen that a nervous man knelt before a girl with his most important question, as the boy’s cheeks blushed. First steps, whether with a baby or first words, are something that are very important to others, but not necessarily for us.

Although this does not change our lives too much, we are exposed to emotions and we enjoy the happiness of others. We can even help others when they have an interesting plan of action or a surprise for their loved one. The strangest thing was with passengers flying to Tenerife. Everyone was surprised by the pilot, who left the cockpit, because he had to communicate some very important information.

Pilot Joey Woolings via instant messenger said:

Today is a special day for me. For the first time I will be piloting a commercial flight … I’m kidding. Today is the third anniversary of my first flight and the first time I can afford to buy someone a holiday. They are sitting in the 17th row, as you see in my mom’s face, they have no idea that I’m the pilot, there’s no better way to say thank you than to shame someone in front of 200 people.
Therefore, I would like to applaud my parents, because without them I would not be here.

Joy was shared by them and other passengers on the flight. It is beautiful that a man appreciates how his parents devoted themselves to educating and doing what he loves. Appreciating the sacrifice of parents certainly has given them great pleasure and their holiday was even more fun and relaxing.