It is called having perspective of oneself! Meet Josh, who only has one foot who uses humor and creates brilliant costumes, not just for Halloween

There are things that a person cannot change, so he must be able to reconcile them.

Disability greatly changes the life of a person and many people cannot accept their disability, especially when they are not born with them, but they are acquired. They lose their desire to act and believe that physical shortcomings prevent them from leading an active and joyful life, which is fortunately not true.


Keeping high spirits helps the person survive the worst of times, like with joking with his own problems allowing him to distance himself from them, as Josh Sundquist knows very well.

Josh was in primary school when he got the worst possible diagnosis a cancer patient could hear: cancer. The doctors, in his left leg, had detected Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare cancer that attacks the bones and soft tissue. Unfortunately, the treatment did not bring desired results, and the surgeons had to remove his leg.


Many kids in Joshua’s place would collapse, but he decided to live life. Among other things, he began to practice skiing and participated in the Paralympic Games, although he did not win any medals. He also took care of his education, finishing business school in Willamsburg and receiving a master’s degree from the University of California, in the Department of Communication. He currently works as a motivational speaker and is also a member of amputation organizations.

To Internet users, Josh is known for his sense of humor and the distance he has to his disability, which helps him year-over-year to create Halloween costumes.


Josh’s lack of a leg has given him his trump card, which allows him to carry out surprising surprises. For many people, it is an example of the great inner strength that you must have in order to accept a disability. Josh is also an inspiration for all disabled people because he shows that handicaps need not be an obstacle in daily lives and they may become a hallmark.

We wish everyone such a perspective like Josh’s, because only by accepting yourself and your imperfections, can you be really happy.