Judges from Asia’s “Got Talent” were shocked when these women appeared on stage. Nobody was expecting what happened a minute later…

Talent show programs are extremely popular almost all over the world. And there is nothing to be surprised about. Everyone wants a little taste of fame, and when someone is really talented, that person has a chance to develop and find a place in the media. This involves, of course, being recognized and having the necessary funds, which is very helpful for novice artists.

In front of the judges from “Asia’s Got Talent” stood three sensually dressed short women from the Philippines. Their clothes emphasized their feminine shapes and undoubtedly gave them additional sex appeal. Nobody had any idea as to what was about to happen.


When one of them began to sing a Tom Jones song from 1999, the crowd went wild. The performance of the famous “Sex Bomb” song impressed the judges as well. The singer’s appearance was immediately put aside. From that moment on everyone was impressed by their voices.

I dare say that their performance is as good as the original version. Hopefully, the girls manage to have a career. At the end of the day, programs like this were made for such people.

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