This Man Doesn’t Know How To Treat His Girlfriend.. He Will Remember This Lesson Forever!

Kiss Cam is a popular in USA and Canada party game. It takes place on the stadiums and arenas during the sport events.

Its main goal is to fill the breaks during matches and other situations when gathered viewers cannot be excited by sport events.


A special camera scans the crowd and chooses the couple who is shown on the big screen. The couples should kiss, encouraged by the audience, and the kiss is rewarded by screams and applause. If the couple does not kiss, the audience whistles. But people usually take the challenge and – even if they don’t know each other – they willingly participate in the game. However, this time was different.

The man from the video behaved horribly, and the audience’s and Chicago Red Bulls’ reaction to this was totally right. Make a judgement!

Do you think their reaction was right? Hand it on!:)