He sent his bull to a certain death. When the wounded animal ran to its owner to rescue it, the only thing that it got was a kiss!

The dispute over the corridor has been going on for a long time. Some say that it only comes down to the torture of animals, others see in it a unique art that combines choreography, costume and music together.

Among the supporters of this slaughter is the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, so it is no wonder that many of his subjects think similarly. Every year thousands of bulls are killed in the Spanish arena. It is sad that they are bred only to die in the big arena to the delight of spectators.

In Spain this moving picture has spread viral. It presents the bull and his breeder who kisses him. It is not an expression of love, but a symbol of betrayal. The animal went to the man when it was very small. The Spanish took care of him and provided a roof over his head. When the bull grew, he decided to sell him to fight in the arena. Sam watched his struggles with the audience. He was close to the arena and saw exactly how cruel it was to torture his animal.

The bull was frightened and wounded. He saw his guard and rushed to him in the hope of help. The breeder was the only person he knew and trusted. Unfortunately, he did not get support from the soulless owner. All he got was a kiss. Someone took a picture of them and put it on the Internet. The sad photo was called “Kiss of Judas”. The bull was dead shortly after, and his body was removed from the bloody arena.

Internet users did not leave a dry thread on the man. They are shocked that he did not help the tormented animal in any way, and only stared at his suffering. It is unknown who the man is and when and where exactly the photo was taken. It is certain that justice will not be attained because bullfighting in Spain is completely legal and supported by the majority of the population. Corridor lovers see it not so much as pain and suffering, but above all beauty and great emotions.