Kissing your dog may be very dangerous for your health! It’s not a joke!

Dog lovers see nothing wrong in getting licked by their dogs. The same goes for dog freaks, which get kisses from small dogs. That’s so sweet! But be careful! Although your pet’s tenderness may seem to be adorable, it can also turn out to be extremely dangerous.

The consequences of such a greeting can have bad and worse consequences but usually don’t mean anything good. Many bacteria and germs evolve in dogs’ snouts which can be very dangerous to humans.


A lot can be said about a dog’s oral cavity health just by smelling it’s breath. Just like with people, dog teeth can also rot. John Oxford, a professor in virusology stated that

A dog’s saliva is mixed with a fluid from the nos. And dogs tend to sniff on everything. Bacteria evolve there, especially during walks, where dogs smell everything, even the droppings of other animals. These viruses can cause a lot of illnesses which sometimes require heavy antibiotics.


In a British city, a man had his leg amputated, because his dog had licked his wound, through which bacteria entered the body. There are also bacteria which will do no harm to some people but may be a problem for people with low immunity. That is why it is worth looking out and not overdoing it with tenderness.