10 most creative anti-smoking campaigns. After seeing them, you’ll think twice before you reach for a cigarette!

Nobody has to be reminded about the fact that smoking cigarettes is harmful. We all very well know this, but some people just can’t cope with the addiction. Despite many warnings, social advertisement campaigns and messages on the packaging of tobacco products, they still reach for another cigarette.

It’s a habit that’s hard to deal with, but is worth fighting because the health benefits will certainly reward the effort put into the fight. Who has won with the habit, knows this very well! Any form of encouragement in order to break the habit is good. The more we talk about it, the better.

See the most creative campaigns urging people to quit smoking!

1. Smokers lips do not want to be kissed!


2. Each cigarette shortens your life!


3. Children of parents who smoke, get to heavan earlier.


4. Smokers never win.