When he was 12 years old the jury told him to hire a good teacher because he sang poorly. After three years he came back and blew everyone away!

Perseverance and hard work always pay off.

A man’s life is exposed to criticism. The reaction to bad remarks is twofold: some unfavorable comments break down and discourage further action, while others mobilize the person to do persistent work. It all depends on the strength of the character of the person and their general attitude toward life.

Talent show participants must be prepared to be criticized. In addition, they should keep in mind that the jury of the television program must control the atmosphere in the studio, so they can use quite indecent words to reproach someone for his or her performance.

Unusual words were heard by Kyle Tomlinson of Sheffield, a town in north England. The boy, at age 12, took part in “Britain’s Got Talent”, but the jury did not recognize his talent. David Walliams even brutally advised him to hire a very good teacher because he sings so badly that he should not bother with his career.

Kyle, however, was not about to give up on music. For three years he worked very hard on his voice. Criticism did not break him, but instead it added strength and set a new target. When he was ready, he again stood on the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent” …

The young participant was very upset, but he reminded the jury that they had met once. Later music was turned on and … they were all speechless! Three years of vocal training has made Kyle develop his wings and now he will certainly be successful on more than one stage, as David Walliams reacted by pressing his golden button and sent the boy straight to the semi-finals.