This dog pulled a blanket out from a shed and shared it with a homeless friend! This picture captures the hearts of Internet users

When you see such evidence of love from animals, man can only be ashamed that he himself can pass a person in need and will not do anything.

Dogs all over the world are affected by various fates. Some eat the best dishes, they have their own hairdressers and caregivers who will do anything to make the pet have good living conditions. They have a blissful life, full of walks and treasures. Pedestrian life does not concern them. There are also dogs that have a lifetime on a chain and do not have it easy, although at least they have a full bowl. Those that are homeless have it worst of all.

Dogs live without a guardian, without a warm nook, not to mention without food. They eat leftovers, drink water from puddles, and live in constant danger. Because they can be hit by a car and beat by people, they often do not have a full stomach for many days. They try to cope and survive somehow. The worst are homeless animals when cold nights and days come. Dogs have no place to hide. Freeze. Such life is heavy and makes dogs wild and trust no one.

In many cities and towns there are organizations that deal with homeless animals. They seek homes for them and heal them. They do their best to make the lives of these animals better. The needs are great because people throw dogs out of their homes, and homeless animals multiply and have no place to go.

Shelters that help animals are very often overcrowded and have no place in them. The only rescue for the animals is to find their “human”. As it turns out, not only do people help dogs, but they also have open hearts and are able to share.

An excellent example is Lana, who shared a blanket with a frozen homeless dog. It did not bother her within their barriers.