Leggings aren’t for everyone. A series of funny pictures is the best evidence for that

Girls love to walk around in leggings. They’re very practical and comfortable. They don’t trap the body and can be worn with almost everything. When warmer days come, the streets are filled with women and teenagers dressed in tight-fitting clothing. But does everybody fit into it? Unfortunately not, and you have to be aware of that.

Heavier people don’t look good in this type of clothing, because the tightly-fitting fabric highlights all their imperfections, e.g. cellulite, and makes their bottom appear unfavorably. Of course, it’s not that people of larger size should completely forget about wearing leggings. They should definitely be worn, but with a long tunic or T-shirt.


1. There’s a difference between pantyhose and leggings, but not everyone knows about it


2. Just because your friends look good in it, doesn’t mean that you will too!

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