Lesa Pettijohn went into labor in a car, and the child’s birth was recorded by a GoPro camera. This is what the miracle of birth looks like

A woman’s body is designed to bring children into the world, but it nevertheless puts a huge strain on the body, which is why future mothers want to have a doctor at their side, so if need be her and the child will be able to get the help they need. Unfortunately, not all mothers manage to make it in time to the hospital.

Lesa Pettijohn lives with her husband in Houston, Texas. The couple already has two daughters and was overjoyed by news that another child is on the way. While enjoying that information, they didn’t expect that they would welcome their son into the world under such unusual circumstances, because Lesa was forced to give birth to her child in the car.

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When the labor began, Jonathan took his wife to the hospital, but it was located too far away for them to get there in time. The pain and cramps became unbearable for the woman and she had to start giving birth in the car. When labor begins, it’s like a boulder falling down a mountain: you can’t stop it. That was exactly what happened. As a result, the boy came into the world in a car.

Childbirth under extreme conditions is a challenge, even for an experienced mother of two children.

Many people questioned why the father hadn’t pulled off the road and helped his wife in labor, but as the man explained, he wanted to be in the hospital as soon as possible just in case something went wrong, which is why he didn’t take his foot off of the accelerator. Fortunately, the boy was born perfectly healthy, weighing in at about 9 lbs. and was given the name Josiah Benjamin. The video of his birth moved a number of internet users, because it showed them what a great miracle the birth of a new life is and what it really looks like.

The parents deserve a round of applause, having kept such composure in a situation as stressful as this one.