“Let them look at both of us.” What the father of this boy did, is a beautiful act of solidarity

Josh Marshall lives with his wife and two children in Kansas. In March last year, he received the terrible news that no one in the family wanted to hear. Doctors diagnosed the Marshall’s 8-year-old son with a malignant brain tumor.

Fortunately, doctors were able to remove it surgically and Gabriel’s state began to stabilize. After the surgery on the child’s head, a disfigured scar remained. One day, the youngster confessed to his dad that he feels like a monster. His words touched the man and he decided to support his beloved son in a fairly unusual way.


He went to the tattoo parlor and asked to have his child’s scar copied and tattooed on his own head. It had to look exactly the same and be in the same place.

And so it happened. A few hours later, Josh came out of the studio with a “scar” on his shaved head. This is how he showed his son that he loves him very much and will do everything to support him in difficult times.

If people are staring, let them stare at both of us – he explained to the child.