This Book From The Library Of Harvard Hides A Dark Secret… Would You Dare To Know The Terrifying Truth?

During the search of the resources of Harvard library, there were discovered three strange books, devoted to Roman poetry, philosophy, medieval French and Spanish law.

But not the contents aroused interest, but the material which they were covered. Thin pieces of leather, which – because of doubts as to their origin – were deeply analyzed.  When scientists discovered what covered these books, they probably have been sleeping with the light on for a few nights.

The bound books make the atmosphere of terror.


The cover was made of human skin.


Once, skin was widly used as a bookbinding.


In XVII human bodies were carefully examined. The book covered with skin became a sensation, so the university checked their authenticity. The research showed that one of them was bound in leather imitation, but the two of them were bound in human skin.

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