Life before and after a wedding. See pictures which show all that awaits you :)

Love, the beginning of a relationship, the first dates and getting to know each other are a wonderful time. However, our lives are often divided into “before” and “after”. One of the biggest turning points is marriage. Some people tend to think that marriage is a routine and daily thoughts of having an affair. The truth is different. When a man and a woman get married, they keep their love and attention for themselves, but it’s the way of showing affection that changes.

Marriage brings with it many new pleasures, a sense of security and necessary distance. Each couple has their own history, but certainly a few common traits 🙂


1. With time, instead of thinking of a way to regain feeling in your arm without waking up your partner, you’ll choose a position comfortable for you.


2. Crazy surges of love will be replaced by the everyday little things that you take care of, because someone else does not like to do it.


3. Weekends together will flow in the rhythm of your favorite pleasures, not a mandatory day out in the city.


4. Keeping you together will be completely different small and big things 🙂

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