This man spent almost 30 years on a deserted island. An Internet company is preparing a small surprise for him!

Some choose loneliness. They have enough of the surrounding world and do not feel good among other people.

They prefer to spend their days in their own company, rather than with people they do not like. They have no problems with the psyche, they just have that character and they find happiness away from civilization. Such is the man who is the hero of this entry. He did not hesitate to give up everything to live in complete seclusion. Does he regret this today? Absolutely not.

Mauro Morandi, 28 years ago, sailed into the sea with his catamaran and did not return. In 1989, he reached the beautiful island of Budelli and decided to stay there longer. He built a house and started a new life away from civilization and the problems of this world. The 78-year-old almost for 30 years did not leave the island. He considers her a private paradise and does not see the need to move back to his old home.

Budelli is located between Sardinia and Costa Rica and is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Maddalena Islands National Park. No wonder Mauro fell in love with this place as soon as he went to shore. He is the only person who lives there, but he does not miss people at all.

“I love silence most. This is quiet in both summer and winter,” he said in an interview with National Geographic.

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