Lightning strikes the surface of the water! Beautiful, yet frightening!

Even small children know very well that during a storm, caution should be exercised. You cannot hide under tall trees, lanterns or masts. You should also move away from any metal objects – railways, high voltage cables etc.

Lightning can reach both the mountains and the sea, because as soon as you hear the first thunder boom, you immediately store it in a safe place. How powerful Mother Nature really is was proven by the following recording, showing lightning strike to the surface of the water in Daytona Beach, Florida.

You may wonder how it’s possible that after such a huge discharge, dead fish don’t float to the surface of the water? The answer is very simple! Water is a very good conductor and causes the electrical load to mostly stay on its surface. The lightning bolt passes thousands of megawatts of energy through the water, which is accumulated in a small area. So the shock does not occur, therefore, deep under water, but mainly at the surface.

Take a look at this unusual and powerful phenomenon. If it made an impression on you, share the video with your friends!