Lionesses hunted down a baboon, to which the animal’s young was clinging. What they did next is hard to explain!

Photographer Evan Schiller and his wife Lisa Holzwarth, also a photographer, have always been passionate about the life of large cats. They spend a lot of time documenting their lives. While travelling around the world, they’ve visited African lions several times. During one of those trips, they were able to capture an interesting and unusual event.

Traveling in Botswana, they found a troop of baboons, which were quietly feeding on some trees. After a while, a pride of lions attacked.


Two lionesses managed to hunt down an adult baboon. It was only when the photographers examined what they had captured that they noticed a baby baboon clinging on to the adult monkey’s fur.


The young animal instinctively let go of his mother’s fur and clumsily began to flee. The young monkey was easy prey for the lions! The adult baboons from the troop had hidden high in the trees, since the fear among them was too great to have helped the little monkey.

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