Your little finger will tell you a lot of interesting things. All you have to do is look at it and compare the length of its phalanges!

Chiromancy is nothing more than divination from the palm of your hand. It has been known since antiquity and is still very popular today.

It involves the examination of contours, cohesion, external shapes of the hand (bumps, lines and specific characteristics) and the shape of the fingers which define their general expression. Some are skeptical about chiromancy and believe that it is merely an ancient invention passed down through the centuries, while others are fascinated by it and convinced that the human fate can be read off of the hand.

This would explain why people so eagerly go to fairies or gypsies and show them their hands. Today we will not focus on proclaiming the future, only on certain qualities that are hidden in the little finger of the right hand. You just have to look at it and compare the length of the phalanges (bone segments forming the finger). If you have carefully examined them, read the interpretations and find out if there is a grain of truth in them.

If the furthest phalange is the longest (the pin numbered 1)

You are the person who loves to be in the spotlight. You can characterize yourself as a socialite who is open to relationships with others. Sometimes you want to dominate and express your mastery. Sometimes you look at others in advance and you judge them too harshly. You like to accept compliments, you get worse with their reciprocity.

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