Although he lived on the street, he was happy until his dog, his faithful companion in misery, got sick. He could not afford the operation for the animal, but in his path appeared angels!

For most homeless people, there is only one priority: survival.

Often it involves sitting on street corners, playing music, painting portraits of people or asking for small donations, just to pay for another meal. The life of the homeless is difficult and as rough as the ground on which they sleep. Often however, in spite of the life of challenge in which they find themselves, their well-being or attitude towards others does not suffer at all.

Due to the poverty they live in, they appreciate what they have. They are good and simple-minded. Such people love animals, which, as we well know, are not attracted to bad and ignorant people. For them, what we have in our wallet is not what matters, but instead what is in our heart.

Sometimes homeless people surround themselves with dogs. They usually have a dog with them, who faithfully accompanies them in misery. Dogs of the poor, living on the streets, are usually not dead at all. They do not have comfortable couches, special treats or toys, but there is always someone who loves them, is interested in them, cares for them and nurtures them. Such interest would not count in a rich house where even children are not appreciated and ignored, not only quadrupeds.

When a homeless person has the option to pay for their lunch or to buy dog ​​food, 70% chooses the animal. They live, rejected by society, poor but happy, because they have each other until life once again will not give them a middle finger and will not put up another difficult test. In the case of Pat Quinn, a homeless street musician from Adelaide, Australia, had a sick dog, Rosie, that was the test with her illness. Although the man tried very hard, he could not relieve the suffering of the animal, and strangers had to help him.

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