Look at these mandalas and choose the one that you like best. Your spontaneous choice will betray what constitutes your greatest strength

The most talked about man makes some spontaneous decisions and choices.

That is why it is common to say that drunken people are sincere to pain, and some truths are spoken only after consumption of something stronger. For this reason, we also evaluate people based on the first impression they make on us. For this reason, the creators of intelligence tests give us a certain amount of time to do so, so that we do not have time for long thinking, but use innate intellect.

Mandala is an artistic motif mainly found in the art of Buddhism. This is a harmonious combination of a circle and a square, in which the circle is a symbol of heaven, boundless by infinity and external. The square, on the other hand, reflects what is inside, hidden deep in man. Both figures connect the central point, which is both the beginning and the end of the whole system.

There are different types of mandala. There are purifying mandalas, there are mandalas that strengthen certain characteristics or areas of human life. Buddhists believe that the finished mandala reflects the author’s mental state, discovering his inner fears, which he himself may not even know. Mandala has a symbolic meaning and speaks to us like dreams, language of colors and allegories.

Various mandalas can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and the process of their formation is curative. Karol Jung used the mandala treatment. This co-founder of psychoanalysis thought he noticed that in moments of confusion his patients unknowingly pinpointed circular signs, and the spontaneous painting allowed them to focus and gather thoughts. So he decided to use the soothing effect of mandalas in the treatment of depression, neurosis and psychosis.

Take a look at the following mandalas and choose the ones that you like best. Your choice will show what is your hidden strength.