Looking at the before and after pics, it’s hard to believe it’s the same person. See the extraordinary metamorphosis of the fattest woman in the world!

You’ve probably been wondering how much does the fattest woman on earth weigh? Four years ago, Mayry Rosales was the owner of that title and weighed in at 544 kg! Mayry was so tired of her life and body, that she decided to do something about it and to seriously take care of herself.

It cost her a lot of sacrifice and hard work, but it was worth the effort for such results. In a few years she freed herself from her own bodies entrapment. Thanks to self-control, a lot of motivation and the work of plastic surgeons, she made her biggest dream come true.

Mayry needed care all day, because she was so obese that she couldn’t finish the simplest everyday tasks. She laid all day in bed not moving from her place. She developed painful bedsores all over her body. The resulting wounds became her motivation for fighting with obesity, but their was another, much more important reason…


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